Investor Leads Into Loyal Shareholders

First Phase bridges the gap between public companies and new investors at every step of the way.

Custom strategies for every client at scale

Unique leads, interested solely in your company

Quantifiable investor ROI you can track

Companies That Trust Us

First Phase Helps Companies attract & convert investors at scale

Attract Investors

We connect your company with high-intent new investors to support market liquidity.

Sell Their Story

We sell your stories to thriving investor audiences built through lead generation.

Nurture Audience

Investors are nurtured until they have enough conviction to make a buy-side decision.

A Full-Stop Digital Partner

More than a marketing group, we go above & beyond to support your growth every step of the way. From investor lead generation, to corporate websites and investor materials, to media interviews and publications, we are Canada’s fastest growing capital markets media and marketing agency.


Built with a focus on empowering IR Teams

We help IR teams attract more investors, manage their database better and convert more investors.


Reach investors you previously could not

Our access spans over 9,000+ financial websites & platforms where new investors actually are.


Automatic reports with live-feed results

Understand your entire digital marketing with a simple breakdown in only two clicks.

Our capabilites
go beyond

Investor Growth

Design Studio


Investor Growth

Design Studio


Investor Growth

Design Studio


Awareness Campaigns

Attract new investors with ads

Corporate Websites

Design & messaging

Content Creation

Keep investors engaged


Corporate deck & fact sheet

Email Marketing

Nurture your audience

Social Media

Content & distribution

Video Interviews

High-converting investor pages

Investor Landing Pages

Sell your story

Guerilla Marketing

Content & distribution

Ad Creatives

Web ads design & creative


Live-feed dashboards

Sentiment Reports

Understand investor sentiment

Investor Report

Corporate deck re-design

Transparent packages.

Most marketing groups you’ve been exposed to are trying to sell you their own, recycled, overused, lists and audiences. We flip the script completely.

First Phase builds you your OWN audience. With NEW, fresh investors keen to follow your story.

The Go-To Partner.

  • Client relationships built on trust and transparency
  • Zero hidden fees or surprise charges
  • A full team for the price of an in-house digital marketer
  • Custom built, tailor made strategies built around your goals

Companies succeed with us because...


We are a trusted partner

This business is full of bad actors, optics and false promises. We act as a partner you can trust through 24/7 communication and transparency. Ask us about our customized real-time analytics dashboards for clients.


Continual campaign improvement

In capital markets, timing is paramount. One size does not fit all. In our campaigns, we continually monitor metrics to ensure your investment is utilized for maximum ROI. Ask us about our Client guarantees.

Your Own Audience

We never recycle investor leads

Many other marketing groups are selling you recycled investor leads meaning the same lead is potentially given to your competitor. We build you your OWN retail investor audience with UNIQUE leads who express interest in YOUR company. Ask us how.

What Our Clients Say About Us


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Peter Dembicki

CEO | Tier One Silver Inc.

"Being involved in the capital markets for over 10 years, I have worked with, and have done my due diligence with multiple digital marketing groups and agencies. First Phase Capital stands alone when it comes to professionalism, honesty, and communication. Spencer and Darin have been an integral component to our marketing business and provide our company with first-class service. I would be happy to recommend them to any company that is considering a digital marketing aspect to their business."

Simon Ridgeway

CEO | Volcanic Gold Mines Inc.

“First Phase Capital has been invaluable. They understand our brand and have given our ideas new life. Thanks to them, we have seen drastic increases in our online engagement and interaction. They are responsive, attentive, creative, and hardworking, to say the least. If you need a marketing agency that can do it all, look no further.”

John Stella

GETT Gold Inc.

“On behalf of myself and the entire team at G.E.T.T Gold please accept our sincere gratitude for the work accomplished, as the results are awesome. We have dealt with several companies in the past, however, none have come close to the level of competence, creativity, efficiency and patience as the team you have assembled at First Phase. If ever the need arises, we would be more than happy to serve as a reference.”

Kristen Craiggs

VP Communications | LaSalle Exploration Corp.

"We engaged First Phase Capital in January 2021 for the purposes of creating and launching a new website and to develop and administer a social media and marketing campaign. Since the launch of both the website and social media campaign, all KPI’s have dramatically increased including our lead generation, website visits, and direct positive feedback related to the quality of the product. The principals of First Phase, Darin and Spencer, are highly communicative, very responsive to any questions, informative, budget-conscious, and they understood and enhanced what the specific goals were that we set out to achieve. First Phase has been a value-added addition to our team and to which I have no hesitation in recommending them and their services."

Bruce Smith

CEO | Radius Gold Inc.

"With their strong technology skills, attention to detail and customer focus, First Phase Capital is a first-class partner. We trust their in-depth technical knowledge, their ability to coordinate across different platforms, simplify all results and provide concise reporting. They always provided more than was asked or expected."

Blake Morgan

President | Opawica Exploration Inc.

"The professionalism and personalized service that we got from First Phase is unlike any other company we’ve worked with. They put us first and ensured we were happy with the result we were getting. Incredibly trustworthy and amazing stewards of our marketing dollars."

Natasha Frakes

VP Communications | TORQ Resources Inc.

"First Phase Capital is on the cutting edge in the digital marketing space, which aligns with Tier One Silver’s strategy of increasing the company’s visibility to create further shareholder value. We have seen impressive results, expanded our digital reach and the team has been very efficient on all fronts."

Jaime Lalinde

CEO | O2 Gold Inc.

"The team at First Phase knows their business like no one I’ve worked with before. I’d hire them again without a second thought. They went beyond expectations and helped us develop a solid social brand."

Enrico DiNapoli

Fairfax Partners.

"It has been truly refreshing to work with an agency as responsive and eager to provide results as First Phase. They often exceeded our expectations by taking initiative and being extremely proactive partners to help our companies achieve their objectives."

Daniel Southan-Dwyer

Fairfax Partners

"The team at First Phase have been a much bigger help than originally expected. I found myself leaning on them more and more. We will continue to use them for all of our portfolio companies going forward. Can’t recommend them enough!"

Drew Zimmerman

Stallion Gold Inc.

"The group at First Phase worked to establish the online presence of Stallion Gold keeping a congruent look across all platforms. This was the foundation that worked to successfully generate leads efficiently and nurture each lead once collected. They worked with us to not only meet our lead generation goals but to exceed them with less ad spend that initially expected while creating content and branding that exceeded expectations. A significant addition to them as part of our team!"

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