Investor Marketing,
Done Right.

First Phase helps public companies dominate the web, tell their story, and reach millions of new and unique investors.

Our Agency Creates New Shareholders

How do we do that? Through comprehensive investor marketing funnels.

Attract Investors

We connect your company with unique, high-intent investors to support market liquidity.

Sell Their Story

We tell your stories to thriving investor audiences built through lead generation.

Nurture Audience

Investors are nurtured until they have enough conviction to make a buy-side decision.

Investor Lead Generation Explained

Everyone is trying to sell you their overused audience. So instead, we build you your own. Stop getting ripped off by optics and advertise with purpose. Our campaigns are built around people following YOU, not us. You get a database of high-intent investor leads that are interested in YOUR story - Name, Phone Number & Email.

We guarantee leads & the costs to acquire them. Full transparency with a custom client analytics dashboard.

So.. What does this mean for you?


We will build you an incredible investor community - the bigger your audience the bigger your buy-side.


You get to understand investor intent on your company.


You’re committed to creating long-term shareholder value.


Stop getting ripped off by optics. Advertise with purpose.

Legacy advertising is ineffective in today’s digital society. With custom dashboards & real-time metrics, you'll see how your ad-budget works for you with clear ROI. Scale your investor audience with us.

Why First Phase?

The marketing partner you wish you worked with

The capital markets industry is evolving rapidly with very few agencies actually able to keep up. First Phase is at the forefront of digital disruption. We build for you!

our reach

An unrivalled investor distribution network

First Phase’ investor and financial network reach of 125M+ is unmatched. And our exclusive partnerships ensure we stay ahead of our competitors, for our Clients.

Get started with Firstphase

If you have an inquiry and would like to speak to our expert team, you can contact us via email at:

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