The Importance Of Omni-Presence In A Digital-First World

Social media has evolved from a pure social engagement platform to an incredible, multi-levelled tool for many uses in the online space. One key business function that social media now plays is the development of brand awareness and the attraction of customers and investors. It is a powerful tool that needs to be harnessed correctly in order to get the most benefit; it can make or break a brand when it comes to consumer insights, changes in political views, viral movements, and more.

So, which is the best social media platform to use when trying to attract investors? Well, the answer is all of them!

Omni-presence is the ability to be present anywhere and everywhere. If you're religious, this would be your "God". A scientist, oxygen. A politician, my tax dollars. But if you're a brand or in marketing, this is your product, service, or otherwise offer, pushed across as many mediums that you can possibly control. The more mediums that you control, the more messages and advertisements you can run, leading to order of magnitudes of more eyes on you. The more omni-present you are, the greater the power your marketing will have.

The strength of your marketing power will effect your company's exposure to customers and investors which will directly impact your ability to attract and sell. As such, having a strong digital omni-presence is going to greatly increase the power of your marketing. Most companies and individuals will have a preference as to which social media platform that either they use or expect to be best for their business. But unless it is incredibly obvious which platform your potential investors are likely to use, it is best to develop robust strategies for several and be strong in all of them.

As we continue to evolve through the digital age, more and more social platforms are being created and it seems the ability to go viral is increasing with each new platform. Social media platforms most common for businesses today include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube. There are others that also exist that I haven't mentioned. So to answer the question I know you're asking yourself, it's very difficult and time consuming to be completely omni-present unless your team is large and your budget is a blank cheque. However, as mentioned, you should be aiming to be as omni-present as you can achieve successfully so find out where your target market is (pick 3 social platforms to start if possible) and always be there - do interviews, post comments, send and respond to private messages, attend conferences and speaking events - be everywhere!

There are many core benefits to establishing an omni-present approach to social media and two of which are extremely important to the success of your brand:

Providing Social Proof

Whether it be obtaining funding, or providing news and details to current investors - being able to provide social proof is something that the success of many businesses is built upon today. Social media is ideal for delivering social proof. You can display proof of concept, as well as the feedback and engagement you are receiving from customers. This can show investors that you’re really building traction as a business.

Sharing the Company Story

Storytelling is the number one way to hook someone in to your business, and social media when used well can make the storytelling process compelling. People can easily follow your journey and see your progress each day from the snippets through your social media campaigns.

One such way to achieve this is by sharing your back story along with your current and future journey. Your current journey shared in near-real life time is extremely effective. Share any achievements and any setbacks. Generally speaking, the more genuine and open a social media platform is, the more drawn in potential individuals will be. Authenticity in social media is becoming more and more valuable, finally. But don’t let that stop you from experimenting with other more promotional type posts. After all, as content types and algorithms change, it is essential to monitor what you post and have review processes in place. What one person may see as funny or a good post, may be perceived differently by others. That is the beauty and challenge of creating effective, omni-present social media campaigns.

Social Media Quick Tips

One thing which should be considered is who is going to manage the social media accounts from identifying target market, to creating content strategy, to executing the campaigns. Technically, you can employ any digital savvy person to do this but it would be unrealistic to expect anything better than average results. In order to get the best reactions, to successfully build your brand, you will likely need an experienced social media professional to lead this function.

In addition, be sure to put a lot of focus on your brand identity and the message that you’re portraying to customers and investors. You want this to be seamless and there be no misunderstandings on what you do, and what your message is. Every piece of content produced should in someway or another, relate back to your identity and theme/content pillars. Being consistently aligned will these pillars will help ensure that you're providing value to your target market. When you provide value, your brand grows.

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