Three Steps To A Perfect Investor Marketing Campaign

Too often companies come to us expecting we are market magicians and can pull a revolutionary campaign off that ticks all of their dream boxes. The only problem is, most of these companies can’t convey what they actually want. However, when they can, they always ask what type of campaign they should run or how they could make an existing campaign better.

In this blog post, we’ll break down three steps to a campaign that’s sure to succeed and achieve quantifiable, high ROI goals based on investor intent - not awareness.

To begin it’s important to note that high net worth investors are just as active - maybe more - than your average social media consumer. This is especially true when it comes to the younger generation. With platforms like TikTok going past the billion mark in daily active users, the audiences available for your content are at this point limitless. Younger investors communicate actively through social media and frequently use search engines to discover new opportunities.

According to a recent study, 75% of investors are now using social media and the web to inform investment decisions. For this reason alone, many public companies have implemented outbound & inbound strategies to attract this new, young, tech-savvy investing audience.

We’ve worked with a myriad of public companies in a wide array of industries so we like to think we know what we’re talking about. For now though, let’s run over these three things mentioned above.

Goal & Results-Driven - too often than not, companies are clueless as to what they are actually trying to accomplish with a marketing campaign. Now, it’s not entirely impossible to run a campaign and generate awareness, leads, liquidity and then some. But going in with that desired outcome will only result in failure. It’s extremely important you know what the main outcome is for the campaign. Maybe you are wanting to build your internal newsletter, meaning leads is the #1 outcome. Or perhaps you just want a few million investors to get a chance to see your story, in that case, short-form video is the answer with the goal of watch-time on a video. Whatever the case, know your goal first. Otherwise “results” are meaningless.

Syndicate > One Group - we see companies time and time again hire one group and expect the world, or hire 7 groups and see nothing. Our viewpoint is it’s always better to go with a group you can trust. This industry is full of smoke and mirrors. This business is also full of bad actors, optics and false promises. Don’t get caught up in the optics other groups are trying to sell you: “oh we have this audience of X investors” - more often than not, they are recycled leads that aren’t going to get you the result you want. Find a group you trust to help you systematically organize a long-term campaign with many groups involved. You are NEVER going to find one group that can do it all. They are lying if they say their experts in ALL digital marketing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend Some Money - The brutal honest truth? A $5,000-$20,000 campaign won’t do much for your company if you want a buy-side. Quite frankly even sometimes $100,000 won’t achieve that. Companies that truly want to dominate the web and reach MILLIONS of investors, sometimes have to spend millions. Now that doesn’t mean we are saying go blow $2M on a 12-month campaign, but you can’t be scared when the reality hits. Digital marketing is still one of the most overlooked forms of investor attraction and with a serious budget, you can get serious results.

In summary:

  1. Have a goal and be results driven.
  2. Find a group you trust, and help them help you navigate the ecosystem.
  3. Spend more than you think, for a result better than you thought.

Now these three steps aren’t exactly everything when it comes to a successful campaign. However, your company should have a unique strategy that tells your story, and reflects your true value to investors. We’ve seen many clients achieve 100, 2,000 & even 4,000%+ ROI’s when it comes to actual investment in the company. However, that’s never the initially outcome. Usually these are thanks to patient companies who understand the value in building their own audience first.

If you’d like to find out more about investor marketing, reach out to us! We’re always keen to hear from companies and people of industry.

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