What is First Phase Media?

Discover Todays Innovations Disrupting The Future

Welcome to First Phase Media, where we help inform, educate and entertain social investors on innovative technologies and industries that are shaping our future.

The rise of retail has brought millions of new investors to the markets. And with it, an abundance of investment opportunities unlike any time before us. However, with so many new opportunities, it's become much more difficult to identify the real from the fake. To pick the long-term investment from the pump and dump. Simply put, the social researching landscape is cluttered and confusing.

This is where First Phase Media comes in. We will filter the social noise for you and help you find your position within the investment world. Our content and community will be a key phase in your investment journey.

We're extremely bullish on the many disruptive technologies that are shaping our future. And as we uncover them, we will share them with you.

Our community of social investors aim to discover investment ideas and market sentiment around the leading innovations of tomorrow.

Our Mission

To accelerate the world's awareness to innovation in industry.

Our Vision

To empower the investors of tomorrow.

The First Phase Media Story

First and foremost, we are investors. And we bring this approach to life through our content. Everything that we create here at First Phase Media stems from the question, "what do social investors need in order to capitalize in the markets long-term?".

The First Phase Media team, through their experiences in capital markets and investing, saw a massive opportunity to grow a community of social investors through the creation of unbiased and filtered investing content. Information that investors want and need as part of their research. And information that hasn't been hyped and marketed.

Our community received in-depth capital markets content that is both educational and entertaining. Our website, social communities, and e-newsletter - The DYOR - are your gateway to the capital markets and investing. Our focus is innovative, future-shaping technologies and companies.

What Value Do We Provide, You Ask!

The size and engagement of our community is a direct reflection of the value that we provide. We are completely focused on delivering high quality, unbiased capital markets and investment content through educational and entertaining content. Ultimately, we want to arm you with confidence and knowledge in the markets that you are then able to apply in your own investments. 

We're here for our community. And our community is here for us. Most importantly, we're all here for you!

When we say that we're investors, we're talking about investing in companies from early-stage junior mining exploration through to blue-chip tech and innovative crypto and DeFi. We're extremely bullish on the many disruptive technologies that are shaping our future so these opportunities are what you can expect to discover often.

But we wouldn't be true investors if we didn't allocate a certain amount of portfolio into the more 'speculative' markets. From meme stonks to altcoins and anything in-between, we got skin in the game! We truly cover all markets and as an astute investor like yourself would know...diversity is your best friend!

Being part of the First Phase Media community will help you position yourself in the capital markets, spot trends, and identify the next potential 10-bagger.

The DYOR Newsletter

The DYOR Newsletter, aka "The DYOR", is a curated capital markets newsletter delivered directly to your inbox each week for free. You will get the latest innovative and disruptive investing opportunities which show promise to shape our future. You will receive other exclusive content such as open private placement and financing opportunities, IPO shakedowns, and more.

The DYOR will be aligned with our brand - to filter the noise - as we help you understand the impacts of social influencers on the capital markets. Our goal is to provide our community with future-thinking investment ideas and opportunities that our experience has provided us with. Opportunities such as private placements have been difficult to participate in as a social investor in years. We want to change that.

You can expect to breeze through each edition in less than 5-minutes*. Each newsletter is perfectly paired with your morning Arabica or Robusta brew, according to our resident coffee sommelier.

*This doesn't take into account the time for cracking up at our memes nor for getting sidetracked paying exorbitant gas fees while you're trying to mint the Next-Freakin Token...wait, is that right?!

We'd love to have you join our community and ride along with us on our journey to the future! Or simply to receive yet another e-newsletter so you can brew up a second cuppa. Sign up below!

**The DYOR Newsletter is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Always do additional research and consult a professional before purchasing a security.

Get started with Firstphase

If you have an inquiry and would like to speak to our expert team, you can contact us via email at: contact@firstphasecapital.com

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