Why You Are Losing Money Without Investor Lead Generation Campaigns

Too many times companies come to us expecting a bigger buy-side. Then, we ask them the following: How many investors do you have on your internal company newsletter.

Usually the response is somewhere between 100-500. Yet, they are still perplexed as to why they have no retail buying their stock. Meanwhile, there’s companies out there we’ve helped, that have 5,000-10,000+ investors on their internal newsletter who are seeing 10,20 and even 30% volume upticks month over month.

The key is this: The bigger the audience, the bigger the buy-side.

There is truly limitless power in growing your company through lead generation. One of the best ways to fuel that growth is marketing through the web. It’s the one little “hack” (if any) in dominating the web and truly reaching millions of investors. Yet, there is still a myriad of agencies and “marketing groups” that are purveyors as to what’s really going on. They can easily distract you from tried and trusted methods to achieve predictable growth.

Don’t settle for recycled leads. Most agencies you work with are promising you new investor leads but they aren’t actually unique leads. they are recycled leads that are part of the agencies larger audience. They’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of companies like yours, many are recycled or pulled from other sources and the bottom line - THEY HAVEN’T SHOWN ANY DIRECT INTEREST IN YOUR COMPANY.

Meaning: You get short-term results with marginal long-term impact.

Before we get into it, let’s get to the basics.

What is Digital Lead Generation?

To begin, by digital lead generation, we are referring to running online advertising campaigns to attract investor leads.  It is also important to note that digital lead generation utilizes traditional direct marketing tactics but with an online focus. A digital lead gen campaign should drive immediate results as well as a means to nurture decision-makers as they evaluate their options. Leads are typically collected with the following data: first name, last name, email, phone number. Some companies opt for collecting things like IP addresses, but let’s be real - most agencies don’t even understand IP address marketing or what to even do with them.

What can a digital lead generation campaign do for your company?

A well built strategy and campaign can do many things. Firstly, it can broaden your reach when it comes to your news releases. Company’s with steady news flow can benefit immensely by having more and more investors reading each news release and staying up to date with company updates. Furthermore, it’s a digital asset that your company own’s… for life. Most pub co’s think that assets are only $’s on a screen or a mine as an example. But the digital world holds many tricks as to what an asset can be. Lastly, these campaigns expand your reach WHILE attracting investors in the backend. Think of it as an IR professional going out and pitching your company to investors 24/7/365 on auto-pilot.

To have a successful digital strategy, you must understand:

Your Desired Investors - if you don’t know the demographics of your desired investor, how can you begin to target these people across the web & social? Tip: create an investor avatar - what does this person do? What do they like? What are they interested in? Where are they from? Begin asking these questions and start to draft an avatar. From there, advertising will do it’s thing in finding investors for your company. We consider anyone whom an investor may choose over us a competitor. We also consider any of our competitors who are advertising their business online as online competitors. We differentiate our business and our client’s business by how they are positioning themselves across search and social media.

Target Customer Behaviour - You must also analyze your target customers to understand:

  • where they spend time online;
  • the tone they expect to hear;
  • the criteria they use to make a purchase decision;
  • how long they typically spend researching a solution before they are ready to talk to someone;
  • what they are doing throughout their research process to come to that decision.

Lastly, you must know many leads it will take to generate an investor and what that shareholder is worth, both in terms of average investment & volume over time. Without understanding these numbers, you can’t make decisions around what you can afford to spend to obtain one new lead, and therefore the strategy that makes the most sense.

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