Lead Generation Agency

We Connect Public Companies with Hundreds of New Investors Per Month.

Meet accredited, high-net-worth investors. Forge stronger connections, expand your database, supercharge investor engagement, and grow your shareholder base.

Trusted by 80+ issuers

Lead Generation Agency

We connect public companies with high-net-worth investors.

Forge stronger connections, expand your database, supercharge investor engagement, and grow your shareholder base.

Are You Running Into These Problems?

Don’t Know Where Your Next Investor Is Coming From
Lack An Effective Investor Acquisition System
Don’t Feel Like The Market Properly Values Your Deal
Times Have Changed So You Must Adapt
Big Budget, Short Term
Small Budget, Long-Term


Lead generation services that
Win new shareholders
We fuel your pipeline with new investor leads, providing the foundation for lasting relationships
and successful conversions.

Top-to-bottom investor lead acquisition funnel

Email marketing nurturing to convert investor leads

Increase engagement, meeting attendance & reach

Transform leads into long-term shareholders with conviction

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Join the 80+ public companies using First Phase to:

Forge stronger investor connections

Expand their internal database

Supercharge investor engagement

Grow their shareholder base

Investor Lead

Generation Explained

How it works?

Investor lead generation in the digital world involves a strategic blend of online marketing tactics aimed at identifying and engaging potential investors for your public company.

How we do it

This process leverages various digital channels such as social media, search engines, email campaigns, and online advertising to attract and capture the interest of individuals or institutions who are likely to invest in your company. That's the First Phase difference: all leads are interested in your specific company from the start.

Stop getting ripped off by optics. Advertise with purpose.

Many public companies fall victim to the pitfalls of legacy advertising, which drains budgets while failing to engage the right audience in our digital-first world.

Data Driven

Our approach overhauls this outdated method by implementing targeted, data-driven campaigns monitored through custom dashboards and real-time metrics. This ensures that your advertising efforts are not only efficient but also effective, reaching potential investors who are genuinely interested in what your company has to offer.

We focus on optimizing your ad spend, avoiding wasteful broad-spectrum tactics, and scaling your investor audience with precision and purpose. With us, your advertising budget is an investment in growth, not just an expense.

Pretty freaking
wicked content & marketing

Big results

9/10 clients see an increase in avg daily volume.

Amazing service

We got your back. 92% of clients recommend us.

#1 in Investor lead generation

The best way to market your company to new investors.

Why Work With First Phase?

White-Labeled Solution

We act as an in house team, no first phase branding anywhere and investors see you, not us.

Trust & Transparency

From service to results we show you exactly where your budget is being spent and what results you are getting for it.

Results-Driven Partner

We’re available 24/7, and we focus 100% of getting you results. Gone are the days of working with bad actors.

About Us

Meet The Partners.

Founding First Phase Capital over 4 years ago, Spencer and Darin have successfully helped over 80+ public companies see success with their marketing efforts. With over 20+ years in digital marketing experience and over 12 in capital markets, they have an unwavering focus in helping issuers succeed. With dual leadership, our service is focused and undiluted, ensuring a deeper commitment to each clients results.

Spencer Duke
CEO, Co-Founder
Darin Carroll
President, Co-Founder

Companies Reaching New Investors

Greg Phaneuf
"First Phase's services positively supported and aided in Grounded’s public awareness campaigns. Their social media expertise engaged our audience, while investor lead generation opened doors to valuable opportunities. Their short-form videos brought our brand to life, and their digital transformation strategies helped us reach new investors. Their comprehensive approach and professionalism exceeded our expectations and would not hesitate to use them for future campaigns."
Ryan Jackson
"Working with First Phase has been a rewarding experience. They were able to overdeliver on their lead generation campaign, tripling the Company’s subscriber list at some of the lowest cost-per-subscriber rates in the industry. Their reporting system is top-notch and allows you to easily keep track of performance. I would highly recommend First Phase."
Jaime N. Lalinde
"The team at First Phase knows their business like no one I’ve worked with before. I’d hire them again without a second thought."
Thomas Lamb
“We are happy with First Phase and will work with them again. They're organized, smart, responsive, hard-working, and detail-oriented.  We especially appreciate their responsiveness, which told us they were "on it" all the time.  We'll be working with them again when the markets are stronger.”
Enrico DiNapoli
"It has been truly refreshing to work with an agency as responsive and eager to provide results as First Phase. They often exceeded our expectations by taking initiative and being extremely proactive partners to help our companies achieve their objectives."
Alf Stewart
“First Phase transformed our mining company's online presence. Their social media expertise and captivating content engaged a new audience and grew our market value significantly. Their promotional strategies allowed us to reach millions of investors over a consistent period of time. Their comprehensive approach and professionalism ensured our success."
Drew Zimmerman
"The group at First Phase worked to establish the online presence of Stallion Gold keeping a congruent look across all platforms. This was the foundation that worked to successfully generate leads efficiently and nurture each lead once collected. They worked with us to not only meet our lead generation goals but to exceed them with less ad spend that initially expected while creating content and branding that exceeded expectations. A significant addition to them as part of our team!"
Jerome Cliché
"First Phase Capital has done a wonderful job of bringing us investor leads for our group. We loved the convenience and timeliness of their strategy which was specially designed for us on a weekly basis. We were delighted by the increased awareness and exposure of our company to a wider audience than we ever had before. This company is extremely easy to work with and so very responsive to our company's needs. It was money well spent."
Peter Dembicki
"Being involved in the capital markets for over 10 years, I have worked with, and have done my due diligence with multiple digital marketing groups and agencies. First Phase Capital stands alone when it comes to professionalism, honesty, and communication. Spencer and Darin have been an integral component to our marketing business and provide our company with first-class service. I would be happy to recommend them to any company that is considering a digitalmarketing aspect to their business."
Liliana Wong
“We have had great results on lead generation and brand awareness campaigns with Darin and his team. They have gone above and beyond to deliver good results. they are extremely transparent in every step of the campaign and make it clear how they improve them over time.”
John Stella
Investor Relations
“On behalf of myself and the entire team at G.E.T.T Gold please accept our sincere gratitude for the work accomplished, as the results are awesome. We have dealt with several companies in the past, however, none have come close to the level of competence, creativity, efficiency and patience as the team you have assembled at First Phase. If ever the need arises, we would be more than happy to serve as a reference.”
Daniel Southan-Dwyer
"The team at First Phase have been a much bigger help than originally expected. I found myself leaning on them more and more. We will continue to use them for all of our portfolio companies going forward. Can’t recommend them enough!"
Kristen Craiggs
VP Communications
"We engaged First Phase Capital in January 2021 for the purposes of creating and launching a new website and to develop and administer a social media and marketing campaign. Since the launch of both the website and social media campaign, all KPI’s have dramatically increased including our lead generation, website visits, and direct positive feedback related to quality of product. The principals of First Phase, Darin and Spencer, are highly communicative, very responsive to any questions, informative, budget conscious, and they understood and enhanced what the specific goals were that we set out to achieve. First Phase has been a value-added addition to our team and to which I have no hesitation in recommending them and their services."
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Connect With Hundreds Of New Investors Per Month

Trusted by 80+ issuers