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First Phase Capital

A boutique investor marketing agency, focused on revolutionizing how companies reach new investors.


Companies don't understand the ROI of their marketing spend

Current marketing efforts aren't supported by a result that moves the business forward.

THE Mission

Disrupt capital markets through integrating with new technology

To change the way all public companies communicate with new shareholders.

OUR Vision

A world of investors, leads to a world of liquidity

Where public companies empower people, create community and benefit investors.

Darin Carroll


A Message
From The Founders

After speaking with hundreds of public companies, many struggle to generate new interest in their story.

The horror stories told from friends and executives left us utterly shocked. We couldn’t believe the optics, lies, and deceit that some people experienced.

After combining our digital marketing experience with capital markets knowledge, we’re on a mission to provide every company with a technological driven solution that helps them on their path.

If you are sick of false promises and wasting your budget, we’re for you.

Spencer Duke


What Do We Do?

We Transform Investor Audiences

“The Bigger Your Audience The Bigger Your Buy-Side”

Retail Investor Acquisition System


High Intent Investor Leads Generated For Our Clients


More Effective Than Traditional Lead Generation Methods

Our Story: Phase One

Not that long ago, we lived in a world of pink sheets and broker-client trading. But the world is now digital and we’ve been guiding public companies to the new world of social for years.

Times have changed, we live in the era of social investing. Not only do memes have the potential to move stocks but digital audiences have become as powerful as traditional hedge funds. For the public companies not yet leveraging the digital world… you’re already behind.

However, there’s still hope.

First Phase symbolizes step one for all public companies. The transition from old, ineffective marketing strategies to the new, disruptive world. We welcome you to the First of many phases in the process to becoming omnipresent.

We are investors, marketers, & promoters at our core. And we're constantly investing in innovative companies that speak to us. A collection of experience going 25 years and beyond.

A Team Of Visionaries

A common theme you’ll hear from First Phase clients is, “they always provided more than was asked or expected.” That’s our north star - to provide a boutique, transparent service that results in a client relationship built on trust.

First Phase is unique because it was born out of a frustration with the common “marketing partner” in the industry. We’ve seen a plethora of overpromise-underdeliver expectations that only solve short term problems.

What’s different? The Team!
Digital Marketing Practitioners & Capital Markets Enthusiasts

We draw upon our expertise of capital markets, e-commerce & digital marketing to provide a bespoke & personalized service to every client. We have the ability, experience, network & scale to execute client campaigns that result in growth previously unseen in capital markets.

Unlike many other groups we are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends to always be on the forefront of innovation. We feel this is a critical aspect of our mission to revolutionize digital marketing within capital markets.

Partnered With
The Best

The team at First Phase not only is extremely certified, but we've partnered with some amazing companies shaping the industry.

Our Team

Spencer Duke


Darin Carroll


Mahtab Mashuq

Creative Director

Marc Challande

Content Director

Adam Risbridger

Head Media Buyer

Rachel Dyck

Operations Director

Aditya Krishnatry

Business Development

Alexis Hart

Social Media Manager

Advisory Board

Sarah Sun

Strategic Advisor

Jerome Cliché

Strategic Advisor

We’re a distributed team disrupting North American markets

We’re all over, meaning you have an around the clock team.

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