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At First Phase, we embody the spirit of innovation and thought leadership, constantly challenging the status quo. A pioneering collective of investors, traders, and researchers in the world of capital markets and finance. Together, we are reshaping the industry and redefining the way investors discover up and coming companies in an engaging and unique way.

First Phase Represents Phase One In An Investors Journey Into Finding New Companies To Invest In

15 Million

Number of new retail investors in North America in the last 4 years.

1.5 Billion

In early 2023, being invested by retail investors on a daily basis.

100 Million

Users of the top six online brokerages across North America.

15 Billion

Assets under management at the top two retail-focused brokerages alone. (Fidelity & Schwab)

About Us

First Phase is an online markets community that seeks to bring into the light new and upcoming companies helping shape the future.
We help users discover the best companies, new opportunities, news, how-to guides and more through content and community. lt was founded in 2019 with a specific purpose to evolve financial media into the future.

A Great Tool For

  • Investors looking to find their next potential investment.
  • Traders seeking news, research reports, and company breakdowns.
  • Management teams looking to bring awareness to their company.
  • Market enthusiasts wanting to read up on what’s new in industry.

Most financial market websites are outdated, noisy, and stale

The current efforts of financial media are outdated, stale and repetitive.


To evolve financial media
into the future

For our clients, we build online communities and audiences around a company's unique story and possible shareholder value.


A world of investors leads to a world of opportunity

A world where companies empower investors and cultivate community.

Creating a community for
Investor Impact

The team at First Phase shares the passion for capital markets, and all of the unique publicly traded companies.
We’re constant learners who thrive on change and seek to have an impact in everything we do.
Through speaking with, helping and investing in hundreds of public companies, you could say we know our way around the markets.
We aim to inspire, educate, and help our audience discover what’s new in the world of stock market investing.
Darin Carroll
Darin Carroll
Coming Late 2023

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